[muffled sobbing]]

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kind of offended none of you jumped at the opportunity to answer my math questions for me


first of all, appreciate my gifs. nice.

sooo I’ve never done a promo before but it’s halloween and you guys have been really great and put up with all my shit so i thought this would be cool thing to do

(if it doesn’t get enough notes we can just pretend it didn’t happen)


- must be following me

- reblog as many times as you like

- if u like it and don’t reblog it i’ll just assume u think the gifs are cool but u don’t want to enter or something


- best urls

- best themes

- best band posts

- best variety posts

- best edits

- best music tag

- best gore/horror/blood tag

- best art

- best aesthetic

- best overall

- favorite mutuals

this ends on halloween!!

Relax, relax. We were s i x t e e n, locked away at an all boys boarding school in the middle of freezing New Hampshire. It’s not a big deal.

my music is - I don’t want to say my main focus, but it’s what comes most naturally to me.

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Connor Walsh + messy hair (。♥‿♥。)

im falling asleep while working on an assignment for financial math

do any of u wanna help me out i cant foCUS


shut up pickle dick nose 

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My Chemical Romance live @ Buzzfest | Houston, TX 10.30.2004 (x)

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