my sister and her husband not only think sex hurts for women the first time and that bleeding is normal they also think its normal for sex to be painful for women every single time and that ladies and gentleman is the world we live in 2k14

Sweetheart, you can’t buy the necessities of life with cookies.”

Anonymous asked: how did you make that cartoon thing?

The faceq app!

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Anonymous asked: DUDE WHAT U LIVE IN NY?? (if that is correct I must say I dont like it here either I live in the middle of nowhere)

No I live in Kansas

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reblog if you want to FUCK ME or if you occasionally drink water

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if you don’t know what my voice sounds like you should keep it that way for your own sake

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“You know what’s the worst? Being a 16-year-old girl who loves a famous singer, not solely for his looks, but because you truly believe he is talented and devoted and you agree deeply with his message. Because no matter how intelligently and fully you can express that, people will assume you’re just a silly teenager who thinks a famous guy is cute”

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omg thats cool ive never been there but ive always wanted to go? idk why though but my brother might be moving out there (for the army)

my sister and my brother in law both live there because they’re air force but they live on an army base because his job is on the army base its really fuckin confusing and makes no sense but its beautiful there

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it is my favorite place and i could never leave except maybe to canada but no u should definitely move here

see???? ive literally never met someone who lives in washington and doesnt like it like normally when i speak to ppl about the state theyre from theyre like “ew god i hate it” but with wASHINGTON THAT IS NEVER EVER THE CASE ITS SUCH A GREAT STATE

is it true that its rainy there or

more so in other places there but thats a big stereotype like it actually rains more in new york ?
but its also one of the hottest driest summers theyve had in a while there right now so it was more dry while i was there than my sister said was normal? but i went to a lot of different places all over the state and the south was naturally more dry and also less pretty in my opinion

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Washington state?¿?¿

ya i lived there for the summer and i have no complaints at all apart from the sales tax i lov e it so much

i just wanna move to washington so fucking much


what if i just

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