someone just tagged my photo with a body image trigger warning like what the fuck ??? ??? tag that shit on blatant pro-ana photos I don’t give a fuck but not on my fucking PHOTO OF MY FUCKING TATTOO

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Anonymously message me (3) things you want to know about me.


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Excuse my face but look what happened tonight 💕 I also got to meet sweet lil bandit💜

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gothlynz asked: Onision is such a piece of shit i cant believe people are trying 2 defend him like he should be in jail

Seriously though.

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Anonymous asked: Onision was actually the reason I stopped self harming and realized how unproductive it was and how it was keeping me back

I’m glad he had that influence on you. However, have you seen his tweets or videos where he says people who self-harm are attention seekers and that it shows how stupid they are? He’s very contradicting all the time and nothing erases the countless horrible views he has or the things he’s said to fans or the abuse he’s put his partners through. I’m glad you stopped hurting yourself and that you were impacted in a positive way from him but he has done such terrible shit and some of it actually made me relapse. So while I am extremely happy you are doing better, I hope you can also accept the fact he has hurt a lot of people and still continues to do so.

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sorry I take so many photos I just love it so much it’s like Frank autographed my leg except it will never wash off

get that tattooed or else omfg :o

I… I did… That’s what that is its a tattoo… That’s why I said it can’t wash off.

oh i am the dumb

Like i didnt read the whole text i just freaked out an assumed he signed ur leg????

Nah he signed a piece of blank white paper and I got it tattooed


and yet people still try and defend his actions


oh my god gerard ahh

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